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Budapest Holiday Apartment BP-01-HA-3R   English - this site   Deutsch   magyarul

75 sqm (806 sqfeet) two-room-apartment for up to 4 people on the 3rd floor of an apartment building with elevator. The neighboring apartment BP-01-HA-3L is for up to 5 people and the apartment next house door BP-01A-HA-4R is for up to 6 people - they together offer an accomodation for up to 15 people.
The picture left was taken in front of the house door and shows the short shopping street "Haris köz" in the early morning before shop opening.
Location: pedestrian area, best central location in the very heart of Downtown Budapest. The house is located at the corner of the main pedestrian shopping streets Haris köz and Váci utca. 
The river Danube at Elisabeth Bridge is only a 200m away, where you have the best panoramic view upon Gellert Hill with the Citadella and the Royal Castle Hill with the Royal Palast on the top of it.
Best downtown suppliaces - a taxi stand is about 30m away just around the first corner. Some grocery stores in the neighboring houses have 24/7 opening hours, some of them in the inner courtyard of the neighboring houses.

Stylish equipped apartment, roomy for 4 guests.
Room 1: large romm of a corner building, one window offers panoramic view to the pedestrian walkway Váci utca, the other to Haris köz, an other street with fine boutiques. This room is equipped with expensive furniture in colonial style. Two guests may sleep here on a double bed, 160x200 cm in size. Downtown holiday partment
Downtown Budapest holiday apartment Room 2: This interval room is equipped with solid and comfortable old fashion furniture. Two more guests may sleep here on large, 100x200 cm turnover sofas.
Downtown Budapest holiday rental
Downtown Budapest holiday apartment Kitchen: lately reconstructed, equipped with gas cooker with electrical stove, microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker and further necessary kitchen utensils.
Shower, toilet is in a lockable room.
No pet in this apartment
Downtown Budapest holiday apartment bathroom
parking Pedestrian walking area. The closest you may go to the house is about 60 meter away, but you must be lucky. There is a parking house about 250 meter away from the house at Szervita tér Place.
metro bus stationStreet car Public transfer: From this house you may go on the pedestrian walkway about 200 meter to the next metro- and bus station at Ferencziek tere Place. The blue metro line (N° 3) takes you in North-South directions in Budapest.
With the bus line N° 7 you may go in east-west directions, also over the Danube river. The street car N° 2 may take you along the Danube river from the Elisabeth bridge to the Margit bridge in the North or to the National Theatre in the South. - This could be one of your most beuatiful sight seeing tour in Budapest on a sunny day by watching Buda site over the river.
Price table 2017 - 2018 euro / night
from - till  people
1 2 3 4 child 3-18
 01 04 2017 - 04 13 2017 66,- 66,- 80,- 94,- 10,-
 04 14 2017 - 04 17 2017 / Easter 80,- 80,- 98,- 116,- 12,-
 04 18 2017 - 08 08 2017 70,- 70,- 86,- 102,- 12,-
 08 09 2017 - 08 16 2017 / Sziget Festival * 85,- 85,- 105,- 125,- 15,-
 08 17 2017 - 09 30 2017 70,- 70,- 86,- 102,- 12,-
 10 01 2017 - 12 27 2017 66,- 66,- 80,- 94,- 12,-
 12 28 2017 - 01 03 2018 / New Year 85,- 85,- 105,- 125,- 15,-
 01 04 2018 - 03 29 2018 66,- 66,- 80,- 94,- 10,-
 03 30 2018 - 04 02 2018 / Easter 80,- 80,- 98,- 116,- 12,-
 04 03 2018 - 08 07 2018 70,- 70,- 86,- 102,- 12,-
 08 08 2018 - 08 15 2018 / Sziget Festival * 85,- 85,- 105,- 125,- 15,-
 08 16 2018 - 09 30 2018 70,- 70,- 86,- 102,- 12,-
 10 01 2018 - 12 27 2018 66,- 66,- 80,- 94,- 12,-
 12 28 2018 - 01 03 2019 / New Year 85,- 85,- 105,- 125,- 15,-
currency exchange -  Minimum stay of 3 nights,
 -  One own child under 3 is free per every adult guest - not during Sziget Fesztival & legal holidays,

 *  Minimum stay of 6 nights during Sziget Fesztival,
 -  Long stay arrangements on demand.  
These prices include bed linen, towels, all supplements and cleaning after your stay.   
Payments: 15% for reservation & owners safety before booking, rest payment in the apartment for receiving the apartment key. 
Deposit: 100,- Euro deposit precautions against damages in the apartment. This will be usually paid back fully, if there is no havary untill the guests leave the apartment. This deposit is necessary to ensure you won´t take the keys with by living the apartment. 
sleeping inquiry
2 steps to book this holiday apartment in Budapest
1.  You ask for 2.  You book it
You send us an inquiry and tell us, which apartment in Budapest you prefer for your journey.
In case the desired apartment is rented during your Budapest journey, we could send you a similar offer, if we knew more about the purpose of your trip.
Your inquiry will be answered within 24 hours. 
Your reservation fee by money transfer fixes the rental agreement. This is for landlords safety. Your full reservation fee will be part of the final calculation in Budapest.
We will send a transfer voucher after we recognised your payment. Furthermore we will send you all data, such as address, contact person & contact address to make your date with the landlord.
We check your inquiry and send an offer with quota.
If the desired apartment is not free, we´ll try to send you an offer, similar to your requested apartment.  
Your personal data will be deleted after your journey is over.  
Your way from the airport to this apartment by public transportation may last up to 50 minutes this way:
1. airpor bus N° 200E takes you to the intersection of the metro line 3 at "Köbánya" station (23 minutes),
2. go by metro line 3 to "Ferenciek tere" station (14 minutes),
3. and you have only 150 meters to go from here to the house.
Our Airport Transfer Service en demand - picks you up at airport lobby and drives you to this holiday rental, where you receive the keys. - This drive to the apartment may take at least 30 minutes.
Prefixed price for max. 3 people: 24,- € in one direction, 4-9 people: 8,- €/person in one direction.

The neighboring area

Best suppliaces - a taxi stand is about 30m away just around the first corner. Some grocery stores in the neighboring houses have 24/7 opening hours, some of them in the inner courtyard of the neighboring houses.
Downtown Budapest pedestrian street Picture left shows the street in front of the building.
Coming out of the house, you are already part of the tourist crowd. Around the first corner you are in the famose downtown shopping street of the Hungarian Capitol Budapest, in the "Váci utca" Street (picture right) with rich colonial style coffee shops, elegant restaurants and design boutiques.
Váci utca in Budapest
This area animates you to short walks in all downtown directions. The quay of the river Danube is here very closed and offers you a beautiful panorama view over the river up to the Royal Castle and Gellert Hill with the freedom statue on its peak.
Vörösmarty tér Square This apartment is also closed to Vörösmarty tér Square (left picture) at the northern end of the pedestrian walkway Váci utca.
Only a short corner away, this street is called "Párizsi utca", where the historically famous Café Pilvax is located.
About 150m to the South is Ferenciek tere Square located with one of the best grocery store in town. You find just about everything here, you can think about. Opposit to this store is restaurant Kárpátia located, with one of the best kitchen in town. You may meet diplomats here at any time of the day.
About 150m to the river Danube is
Százéves Étterem (100 years old restaurant) located. But this is only the name of the restaurant, it was established in 1831, so it is over 180 years old now.
The address is: Pesti Barnabás utca 2.  Table reservation may be useful in this restaurant with gipsy music in the Péterffy palais (picture right). Call:
+36 1 230 0329    
Százéves Étterem in Budapest
Café Gerbeaud At Vörösmarty tér Square you are in the heart of downtown Budapest, where you will find a lot of fashion shops and most of all some of Budapests fashionable cafes. The first is definitely Gerbeaud, in its own imposant building where famous Hungarian poets and writers would gather to sip coffee, discuss politics and culture. The Gerbaud building
This apartment is situated only 500 meters away from the largest church of the hungarian capital, the catholic Saint Stephen´s Basilica (picture right), consecrated in 1905. The Sacred Right Arm of the first king of Hungary, Saint Stephen, is kept in the Saint Leopold Chapel, and is traditionally carried on the 20th of August around the neighbouring streets at the head of a large procession.  St. Stephans Basilica
The Big Synagogue The Big Synagogue (picture left) in the Center of Budapest with 3.000 sitting places is located about 300 meters away from this apartment. This is the largest synagogue in Europe and after New York the second largest in the world. The Jewish Museum, Holocaust Museum, Thora and Talmud School  are located in the vicinity. Of course there are a lot of jewish restaurants and shops in the neighboring area. Most of them are located around the "Klauzál tér" Square, only a short walk away from this apartment.
Rudas Hot Spa The hot spa "Rudas" (picture left) is situated on the other side of the river Danube in Buda. It may be reached by walking over the beautiful Elisabeth bridge or making two short bus stops to get there. In this building complex there is a swimming pool,  a turkish kind of hot spa - well known in the homo society - and a medical center.
Gellért Hot Spa The famous Hot Spa "Gellért" (picture right) is situated only 3 tramway stops away in Buda and may be reached by the lines 47 and 49 from Astoria Station, about 200 meters away from this apartment.
Széchenyi Hot Spa The hot spa "Széchenyi" (picture right) is probably the most popular hot spa in the hungarian capital and also highly frequented by foreign tourists. It may be reached by the old yellow millenium metro, the line N° 1 - get in at "Deák tér" Place (last station) and get out at the station, called "Széchenyifürdő", how hngarians call this popular wellness spa. 
In these hot spas you can participate on medical threatements, specially against rheumatism and motoric illnesses. Both spas operate a drink hall, where you may cure some more health throbles by diferent spa waters, mostly against stomic, gall bladder and kidney problems.

 Sight seeing - commercial

Heroes Place in Budapest You can get an up to 4 hours long guided Sight seeing tour by bus at "Deák tér" Square. Here is the central metro station, where Budapests all three metro lines cross each other. The buses shuttle between Heroe´s Square  (left pic) and Royal Castle (next pic), just about always getting stucked in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam in the "Andrássy út " boulevard. Even if nobody ever tells you, it is a nice revenue stream factor for the bus drivers and guides too.

 Sight seeing - alternative

Shuttle along the eastern Danube riverside in Pest by streetcar N°2. For the first time it will give you a general view of Budapest and also some ideas for your favorite visiting worth objects.
Our tip is a non commercial alternative sight seeing tour for better sunny days, like every sight seing tour. Up to your activity, it may take at least two hours up to a half day.  

For this tour you should buy enough tickets for the street car. You´ll come off best with a one days, three days or weekly ticket for tourists. You also better prepare yourself for this tour by collecting some brochures about Budapest, probably on your arrival at the airport. So you do´nt need a guide and you are independent to visit the places, you are interesting for. To make this tour, it´s up to our guests in this holiday apartment, to take the street car at the Elisabeth or Chain bridge.

First your way to the 
On the right side of the street car, this yourney will give you a beautiful panoramic view over the river Danube up to the Royal Castle Hill with Fisherman´s bastillon, Matthews church and of course to the Royal Castle too. After a bit lower ridge you´ll see the Mount Gellert with the freedom monument on its peak. Now you may get out the street car at the "Freedom" bridge or go farther, if you are interesting for modern architecture or you just want to buy your ticket to a cultural performance. In last case you get out the street car at "Lágymányosi híd" bridge. Here you see the new cultural center of Budapest with the national theatre and philharmonic hall - both of them in a new stylish modern architecture building, right on the riverside.
Your way back to the North:
You get out at "Freedom" bridge, just opposit to the Mount Gellert. - Untill 1948, when sowjet dictatorship really begun to work, the "Freedom" bridge was called Franc Joseph Bridge, because it was a present of the imperator and Hungarian King Franz Joseph to his wife Elisabeth, the so called Sissi. She really was called Lissy by her housband, from the lisping Habsburg family. - The best time to arrive here is before noon, because the crowd is´nt that much, like getting later.
Szabadság híd
The Big Market Hall of Budapeste is one of Budapests touristical attractions. You should use the time for your grocery shopping by being here. Upstairs there is a restaurant, where you may sit down. What you get there, that is about the same, you may eat in any Hungarian restaurant in your home country, if there is one in your neighboring area. You may manage your time better at one of the sandwich bars in this market hall. They offer smaller snacks and you can taste really Hungarian specialities, you wo´nt ever find in Hungarian restaurantsat in your home country. After the meal and refreshment we leave the market hall and continue our trip to the North by the same street car line. Große Markthalle
Parliament building Now we make the drive to the North and see again the river Danube on the left side. We go untill the last station at Margareth bridge. 1 or 2 stations before this bridge,  the street car goes around the parliament building, which is an object of architectural interest. The parliament at Kossuth Lajos tér Square is 96 m high, exactly as high,  as the St. Stephans basilica is, but you won´t see the basilica on this trip.
At last station you take the reversed drive and now you may see the parliament again, architectural freaks can´t see it often enough. By leaving the parliament, we have this beutiful panoramic view over the river Danube up to the Royal Castle Hill, to grave it in your mind for long.
Now it´s up to you, how often you make this trip, just to enjoy the panoramic view, buying a ticket to a concert or just to make your usual grocery shopping.

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