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Budapest Holiday Apartment BP-19-P-J   English - this site   Deutsch   magyarul
apartment house There is no significant difference between this apartment and BP-19-P-M, they look like the same, each of them is 25 sqm (269 sq feet) in size, each of them is equipped for three people. In this apartment there is a single bed and a pull out sofa, 200x160cm in size, so this apartment is for up to 3 guests on the first elevated floor of a new apartment building (2005). - This and the neighboring apartments BP-19-P-E and BP-19-P-M allow together the accomodation for up to 8 guests at the same time.
Location: 200 meters away from the amphitheater in Óbuda. The Market Hall is about 250 meters away to the South. Many grocery stores, restaurants and small shops offer their products there. About 600 meters to the North is an other shopping center at Flórián tér Place on the western side of the Árpád bridge. - Hungaroring is located on the M3 highway to Miskolc, it is 21 km away from here: You may reach the formula-1-race quickly on city highway. - The way to the Óbuda Shipyard Island, where "Sziget Fesztival", Europes largest rock festival has been organised since 20 years - always in august - is located 3 km away to the North. You can take the suburban train there and go 2 stops with.
- River Danube: 300 meter,
- Óbuda amphitheater: 200 meter,
- Kolossy téri Market Place: 300 meter,
- Flórián tér Shopping Center: 600 meter,
- Margareth Island: 1,2 km (1-Stop with suburban train).

living room Well equipped apartment in a new (2005 built) apartment building, equipped with a single bed and a pull out couch, providing 160x200cm queen size double bed for two guests.
Though the apartment is on a main traffic road, it is very quiet here, because the windows are facing to an inner park behind the house.

SAT-TV  Free WiFi spot without charge
kitchen  Kitchen: small but fully equipped built in kitchen with refrigerator, microwave oven, 2 cooking plates, coffee maker, toaster etc.

Bathroom: Shower and toilet.
pet possible  5 €/day, further consultation necessary.
parking  Daylight parking fee is payable, but there is also a garage in the basement for a small fee.
Street carbus stationBudapest suburban railway Public transportation: bus N° 6 may take you to Downtown Budapest at Western Railway Station or N° 86 through the western part of Budapest to Buda Center. The street car N° 1 goes South to the Margareth bridge.
The suburban train may take you South to Batthyányi tér Place, just opposit to parliament building ot North to the small town Szentendre on the river Danube, an important visiting worth place about 30 km away from Budapest.  
Price table 2017 - 2018 euro / night
         from - till people
1 2 3 child 3-18
 01 04 2017 - 04 13 2017 44,- 44,- 54,- 8,-
 04 14 2017 - 04 17 2017 / Easter 57,- 57,- 69,- 10,-
 04 18 2017 - 08 08 2017 48,- 48,- 60,- 8,-
 08 09 2017 - 08 16 2017 / Sziget Festival *  60,- 60,- 72,- 12,-
 08 17 2017 - 09 30 2017 48,- 48,- 60,- 8,-
 10 01 2017 - 12 27 2017 44,- 44,- 54,- 8,-
 12 28 2017 - 01 03 2018 / New Year  57,- 57,- 69,- 10,-
 01 04 2018 - 03 29 2018 44,- 44,- 54,- 8,-
 03 30 2018 - 04 02 2018 / Easter 57,- 57,- 69,- 10,-
 04 03 2018 - 08 07 2018 48,- 48,- 60,- 8,-
 08 08 2018 - 08 15 2018 / Sziget Festival *  60,- 60,- 72,- 12,-
 08 16 2018 - 09 30 2018 48,- 48,- 60,- 8,-
 10 01 2018 - 12 27 2018 44,- 44,- 54,- 8,-
 12 28 2018 - 01 03 2019 / New Year  57,- 57,- 69,- 10,-
currency exchange -  Minimum stay of 3 nights,
 -  One own child under 3 is free,

 * Minimum stay of 6 nights during Sziget Fesztival,
 -  Long stay arrangements on demand.
These prices include bed linen, towels, all supplements and cleaning after your stay.  
Payments: 15% for reservation & owners safety before booking, rest payment in the apartment for receiving the apartment key.
Deposit: 100,- Euro deposit for taking precautions against damages in the apartment. This will be usually paid back fully, if there is no havary untill the guests leave the apartment. This caution deposit is necessary, to ensure you won´t take the keys with, after living the apartment.
sleeping inquiry
2 steps to book this holiday apartment in Budapest
1.  You ask for 2.  You book it
You send us an inquiry and tell us, which apartment in Budapest you prefer for your journey.
In case the desired apartment is rented during your Budapest journey, we could send you a similar offer, if we knew more about the purpose of your trip.
Your inquiry will be answered within 24 hours. 
Your reservation fee by money transfer fixes the rental agreement. This is for landlords safety. Your full reservation fee will be part of the final calculation in Budapest.
We will send a transfer voucher after we recognised your payment. Furthermore we will send you all data, such as address, contact person & contact address to make your date with the landlord.
We check your inquiry and send an offer with quota.
If the desired apartment is not free, we´ll try to send you an offer, similar to your requested apartment.  
Your personal data will be deleted after your journey is over.  
Your possible way to this apartment by public transportation may last up to 90 minutes this way:
1. airpor bus N° 200E takes you to the intersection of the metro line 3 at "Köbánya" station (23 minutes),
2. go by metro line 3 to "Néliget" station (7 minutes),
3. take here street car N° 1 to "Bécsi út" direction, get out at "Flórián tér" station (31minutes),
4. and you have only 500 meters to go from here to the house.
Our Airport Transfer Service en demand - picks you up at airport lobby and drives you to this holiday rental, where you receive the keys. - Our fixed price for max. 3 people: 24,- € in one direction. The drive to the apartment may take about 45 minutes by car.
The neighboring area
Óbuda Market Hall at the South side of the ancien amphithetre, where many grocery stores, restaurants and small shops offer their products. About 300 meters away to the North is an other shopping center at Flórián tér Square on the western side of the Árpád bridge.

The ancient Óbuda Town Hall at 
"Fő tér"  Square is the City Hall of the 3rd district of Budapest. This is located about 500 meters away to the North from this apartment. Small shops and ancient restaurants make this sophisticated area elegant.
Visiting worth places in this area
From this apartment less than 100 meters to the South are the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre, where numerous entertainment and other programes are held starting in the spring. Right behind the amphitheatre is the shopping mall of Óbuda.
From this apartment you may walk or go one station by bus to the North, where you may visit the ruins of the Roman Military Bath Museum 

Address: Flórián tér Square 3–7, in the pedestrian subway under Árpád bridge
Open: 15 Apr–1 May: Tue–Sun: 10 am –5 pm (by prior arrangement)

1 May–30 September: Tue–Sun: 10 am–6 pm;
1–31October: Tue–Sun: 10 am–5 pm,
1 Nov–14 Apr: closed
The ruins of the roman military bath Aquincum may be visited here, after excavating in the late 1960s. They were discovered in 1778
Roman Military Bath Museum in Budapest
Vasarely Museum
Address: Szentlélek tér 6  in the 3rd district, closed to the river Danube at Árpád bridge

Open: Tue–Sun, 10 am–7.30 pm
The museum is named after Hungarian-born painter Győző Vásárhelyi, who moved to Paris in 1930 and who as Victor Vasarely gained world fame as the founder of the op-art movement. His pictures use sharp colours, geometric forms and optical illusions. The exhibition material encompassing the entire oeuvre of the artist is selected from 400 works bequeathed to the Museum of Fine Arts.
Vasarely Museum
Hercules Villa 
Address:  Meggyfa utca 19–21  in the 3rd district
1 km to the North from this apartment
1 may-30 september: Tue–Sun, 10 am–6 pm

A series of mosaic floors from an urban villa built in the early 3rd century. The villa takes its name from famous mosaics depicting the myth of Hercules.
Hercules Villa Budapest
Kiscell Museum
Address: Kiscelli utca 108  in the 3rd district of Budapest

1 April-31- October: Tue–Sun, 10 am–6 pm
1 November–31 March: 10 am–4 pm
The museum building was constructed for the Trinitarian order in the 18th century, while it was later transformed into a Baroque monastry and also a hospital. Today it is one of the museums of Budapest in perhaps the most picturesque of locations, surrounded by woods at the foot of the Óbuda Hills. Its exhibitions embrace two major areas of collections from the Budapest History Museum: modern urban history, and the fine art collection of the Municipal Gallery. - The ruined church is part of the museum, providing a stunning setting for exhibitions.
Kiscell Museum inBudapest
Imre Varga Museum Imre Varga Collection
Address:  Laktanya utca 7  in the 3rd district of Budapest, closed to the river Danube at Árpád bridge. The museum was closed short time ago.
Holocoust monument in Budapest, made by Imre Varga Paintings and sculpturs of the 1923 born sculptors may have been seen in his own initiative museum. His products are characterized as gigantic, made for the socialist era, he was living in. He was one of those representatives of degenerated arts. Many of his products are kept and exhibited among communist dictators sculptures like Lenin, Stalin & Co. at Memento Park of Budapest. His best known product, the gigantic holocoust monument at the Big Synagogue of Budapest was made in 1990.
Lukács Drink Hall The hot spa "Lukács" is also situated very closed to here, you only need a few tramway stops to the south from this apartment. The line N°17 stops just around the first corner and you get out in front of the hot spa "Lukács".
This hot spa operates a hospital, where foreighn tourists may take medical treatments against rheumatism and motoric illnesses. This bath also operates a drink hall to cure some health throubles by diferent spa waters, mostly against stomic, gall bladder and kidney difficulties.
Lukács Hot Spa
North of Budapest - easy to reach from this apartment
Budapest suburban railway The Suburban train, that starts at Batthyány Square (opposit to the parliament) may take you 30 km to the North to artists Town Szentendre. On this way you may get out at the Aquincum Museum with its permanent exhibition "Rome in Aquincum". 
Das Aquincum Museum - siehe Museum-Nr. 41 Aquincum Museum
Address: Szentendrei út 139  in the 3rd district

April 15–30, October 1–31: archeological park 9 am–5 pm
May 1–September 30: archeological park 9 am–6 pm

April 15-October 31: exhibits 10 am–6 pm, closed in Winter
Das Aquincum Museum - siehe Museum-Nr. 41
One of the largest archeological parks in Hungary looks back on a past of more than 2.100 years. The ruins area puts on display around one quarter of the Civil Town of Aquincum with its most characteristic public buildings and dozens of private houses. These building remains recall the heyday of the provincial capital, the town-structure from AD 2nd-3rd century. Chronoscopes installed in the park provide a glimpse into the way the buildings of the town originally appeared. Visitors can see Roman period objects from the territory of Budapest in the permanent and temporary exhibitions.
Szentendre The suburban train may take you South to Batthyányi tér Place in the South, just opposit to the parliament building or North to the small town Szentendre on the river Danube, a culturally important visiting worth place about 30 km away from Budapest.
Szentendre Town Center Avoided by pest, survived only a small part of the city population the 150 year long turkish occupation with its holocoust activity. Jewish bookkeepers in the Hungarian Capital Buda were controlling tax collections and sent muslim soldiers to the town, where they tought, turks could collect more grant for their military.  People who could not, was slaughtered in the halal way. The population of Szentendre declined from 15.000 to less than 2.000 until the turkish army was chased out of Hungary in 1686. This time as a straight response, the jewish bookkeepers and their families were slaughtered by the Austro-Hungarian army. After the Hungrians won this war, the turks chased many serbs out of Serbia. About 6.000 of them came to Szentendre, where population was missing at that time. Only their descendants were able to go back to their own country in the 18th and 19t centuries. The remaining serb fraction makes about 20% of the 23.000 inhabitants of Szentendre today.
Szentendre Skanzen Szentendre is the largest settlement of the Danube Bend, located north of Budapest on the eastern side of the Danube. The quiet town is well-known as the city of arts and museums. The town hosts the famous Open Folklore Museum also called Skander and 16 other museums which present the rich arts and cultural life of the city.
For two months, from the end of June until the end of August, it offers programmes in nearly every branch of art to visitors and locals alike: classical, contemporary and light comedies, operetta, contemporary dance as well as pantomime, including three premieres. During the festival the streets, squares, churches and yards of the town come alive with theatre performances, concerts, films, exhibitions, as well as various programmes for children and events that showcase traditions.  
The programme of the Szentendre Summer Festival is taking place at several locations, like the courtyard of the town hall and the ArtMill amongst others usually at the end of August. Besides exhibitions, during the summer the old mill houses concerts, theatre performances and festival programmes as well. As during the past 30 years, performances of the Szentendre Theatre will take centre stage, presenting diverse programmes from virtually every genre, from opera to prose.
Visegrád - Central Europe´s largest Mediaeveal Castle Keep
The stretch of the river known as the Danube Bend is one of the most attractive parts of all Hungary. The river follows the form of a double “S” shape, which it carved out for itself between the hills after the last Ice Age. The town of Visegrád is in the most picturesque part. The town’s principal monuments are the thirteenth century citadel perched high on the hill and the fourteenth century royal palace at the bottom. Their golden age was the time of the Renaissance King, Matthias, noted for his discerning taste. He added terraces, a grand courtyard, a red marble ornamental well and baths. 
Visegrád Royal Castle Hill
Guests visiting from far and wide regularly likened the palace to a paradise on earth. After Matthias’ time the buildings fell into ruins, were completely destroyed by fire and buried by mud and rocks tumbling down the hillside. Now, however, thanks to decades of archćological excavation and painstaking research, the palace’s Renaissance grand courtyard has been faithfully reconstructed.  Visiting Royal Castle Visegrád
Similarly, by reconstruction of a section of the original walls, visitors to the Citadel can appreciate how strong a fortress it would have been in its heyday. This is the finest lookout point anywhere on the Danube Bend. The nearby thirteenth century castle keep, the largest anywhere along the line of the Danube, has survived the ages completely intact. The five-storey, 31 metre high hexagonal Salamon’s Tower today houses original wells and statues found during the excavations of the Renaissance palace. Salamon´s Tower
Esztergom - The City with the largest Hungarian Church is located about 60 km North of Budapest. One hour drive by car or you may take the hydrofoil at Vigado ter Square in Budapest in the summer. Hydrofoil between Budapest and Vienna
Esztergom Basilica This town is situated on the banks of the Danube tend to show their best faces to those approaching by boat. At Esztergom, Hungary’s ecclesiastical centre and seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop, the Basilica and the walls of the ancient castle rise imposingly on the Danube’s right bank. The Basilica, as well as being Hungary’s largest church, is noteworthy for its remarkable altarpiece depicting the Assumption, which is the largest single-canvas oil-painted altarpiece in the world.
The church’s stately interior contains Hungary’s finest complete Renaissance monument, the Bakócz Chapel, built from red marble in the early 1500’s. The Cathedral Treasury is the richest in Hungary. In the nearby Bishop’s Palace is a Christian Museum noted for its valuable collection of fine arts.
The first fortress was built on Castle Hill in 972, and it was here that the founder of the Hungarian State and Church, King Saint Stephen, was born, earning the town’s epithet “Cradle of Hungary”. The twelfth century castle chapel and one of the symbols of Esztergom, the rose window, vividly recall the importance of the former palace building.

Bridge over the river Danube from Esztergom to Sturowo Esztergom is located on the Hungarian border, the other side of the river Danube is Sturowo in Slovakia. Sturowo is also called Párkány on its Hungarian name, where Hungarians build the main part of the population. The bridge between these two townships was blown up in Word War II. The reconstruction was not desired by the czech rulers at all, they wanted to seprate Hungarian families for good. At the end of communist dictatorship and under international political pressure, the ruins of the bridge were replaced. 
to Slovakia, Sturowo is the first village over the river Danube. About 1 km away from the bridge is one of the best known hot spa in this area in the small town Sturowo. The bath is open in the whole year and this is a place, where you probably get better Hungarian country style food, than in Hungary. Here you may get the words most famos Slovak and Czech beers, served in the breweries own cheap eating-tents on the hot spa beach.

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