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 terms of use
Terms of use for apartment reservation in Budapest    English   Deutsch   magyarul
§1 Request to Budapest-Travel.com
www.Budapest-Travel.com is always open - internet makes it possible. Your request is usually answered within 24 hours – usually on weekends too. In urgent cases, shortly before your trip, we will call you, if necessary.
With your inquiry, you are asking for rental availability at your desired holiday term. - If occupied, or it may be an other property, we will send you an alternative offer that meets your needs and your travel program. Therefore, we ask you to send us together with your request as much information about the purpose of your Budapest trip as possible, such as: desired area, close proximity of a dentist, optician, hot spa with course of treatment or Shoemaker, who still produces handmade bespoke shoes, certain events such as Formula 1, Sziget Festival, Opera, ride on a Danube riverboat, pop concert, etc.


§2 Compulsory order of an apartment
Is the chosen apartment in your term free for you, so you will be asked to remit a deposit of 20% of the rent to owners bank account.
Soon after we received your deposit, we will sent you a confirmation mail with all the necessary details, like address and contact person for the handover of the keys. We will send the confirmation by e-mail in due time - in urgent cases by phone. The total rental price, deducting deposit you paid for reservation, will be paid by receiving the apartment keys. The provider may request a security deposit payment of 100,00 € on arrival - see §5.
Further goods and services - other than the rental object - are not any part of the rental agreement with Budapest-Travel. For the transfer you pay to the driver.


§ 3  All prices quoted are gross - they include:
- taxes, VAT
- pre and final cleaning
- bed linen, towels
- utility costs (water, electricity, gas and heating) are in the price included.
In case of longer stay - several weeks or months - a special agreement is required for rent and additional utility costs.

§ 4  Arrival and departure, Key pick up, deposit, clearing after
2 to 10 PM - Departure: till 10:00 clock  -  other times on request 
(1) The apartment is available on regular arrival from 2 PM and the check in must be made till 10 PM. An arrival before 2 PM and after 10 PM can also be done only if it has been explicitly agreed upon in advance with the provider.

(2) If agreed by the arrival in time between 22:00 and 8:00 clock and takes place during this period, a surcharge of 30,00 € raised.

(3) The client is obliged to submit to the provider upon arrival their valid identity card or passport.

(4) The provider may request a security deposit payment of 100,00 € on arrival. The return of the full security deposit happens at departure time in exchange for the keys, if the apartment does not suffered any damages, the guests could be responsible for. If apartment damages were made by guests, the guests have to pay a compensation cash before leaving the apartment.
(5) On departure, the guest has to leave the apartment not later than 10 AM cleared to make available. When vacate the apartment too late the guest is obliged to an additional payment. This is
a) 50,00 € (net) at a clearing after 10 AM but before 1 PM;
b) 100% of the overnight price / night at an evacuation after 1 PM.
In addition, the provider is entitled to charge for any guest-induced losses according to his rental business.

(6) If you lose one or more keys, the guest must pay compensation for their reproduction and possibly for the installation of new locks.

§ 5 Replacement of the traveler / transfers
The customer may be replaced to performing the journey by a third party, even at the keys in the apartment. Additional cost of this transfer is not required.

§ 6 Cancellation of the trip - cancellation by the tenant
If you withdraw for any reason after booking the trip or cancel your stay in the apartment, your deposit will retained to protect landlords losses. Your deposit will not be forfeited and will be kept without a haircut until the end of the next calendar year as a deposit payment for a possible Budapest term in one of our apartments before final forfeiture.
§ 7 Cancellation of the trip - cancellation by the landlord
Budapest-Travel.com or/and landlord take the necessary steps to ensure that the booked apartment is provided on the booked date and in good condition. If for some unforeseen reason (force majeure, emergency, such as a pipe break or unexpectedly become necessary renovations) a fixed promised apartment on the booked date is not available, Budapest-Travel.com is immediately committed after the announcement to inform the customer about this and offer a possible equivalent or better alternative accommodation for the same price.
If purchasers desire does not correspond approximately with the alternative accommodation for any valid reason (less demanding home or far away and therefore not the purpose of travel accordingly), he will receive the deposit paid back immediately.
§ 8 Privacy
The customer allows Budapest-Travel.com to register the business relationship in the context of personal data received. Your information will be kept confidential and not disclosed to third parties and – according to privacy regulation – it will be deleted after your holiday stay.

§ 9 Other
Budapest-Travel.com is after prior notice entitled to suspend or stop the entire offer without giving any reason at any time.
(1) In addition to the offer, this terms-of-use and conditions of Budapest-Travel.com will find application.
(2) In effect is the law of the Republic of Hungary under committee of the UN purchase right.
§ 10 Severability clause
If any provision of these terms is invalid as a law, it retains its full validity of the remainder. The parties agree that the invalid or unenforceable provision by a valid, enforceable provision replacing that the economic purpose intended by the parties most closely. Same applies to contractual loopholes.

Budapest-Travel Team


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